The business world can be a confusing place. We at the House of Louis understand this and therefore we have decided to launch the Business Institute - a platform where you can find an experienced friend to walk with you.


‘the Advisor/s’ - means the person(s) within the Forum who provide problem-solving assistance. Certain problems may require the combined efforts of a number of Advisors within the Business Institute and House of Louis Partners.

‘the Business Academy’ – means the House of Louis Business Academy.

‘the Business Institute’ – means the House of Louis Business Institute.

‘the Forum’ - means the Problem-Solving Forum of the Business Institute.

‘the Facilitator’ - means the Business Institute’s delegate responsible for receiving requests from the Student, liaising with experienced Advisors within the Forum, and communicating recommendations to the Student, i.e. the Facilitator performs a type of project management function.

‘House of Louis’ - means the enterprise disclosed at

‘House of Louis Partners’ – means third party experts whom House of Louis consult to provide enhanced problem-solving recommendations.

‘the Student/s’ - means the current House of Louis Business Academy student/s or Alumni Student/s.

Who can Apply?

The Forum is only available to the current House of Louis Business Academy Students and Alumni.

Scope of the Forum?

To access the Business Institutes’ intelligence and those of House of Louis Partners to retrieve knowledge that may assist in solving difficult problems or challenges facing Students in their business, job or workplace.

The problems posed by Students to the Forum may only be of a commercial nature, and may include finance issues, salary issues, unemployment issues, workplace abuse or trauma, business psychology issues, ambition issues, etc.

The Cost?

It is an entirely free service, but the benefits to the Student may be substantial.

The Approach?

As this is a new initiative of the Business Institute, the Forum may be accessed electronically only, and all communications will be via email. No personal interviews will be conducted during the initial stages of the Forum but it is the strategy of the Forum that in time personal Student interviews and consultation will be necessary.

Only persons with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in commerce can serve as Facilitators or Advisors to the Forum and access the Business Institutes intelligence and knowledge-base.

The Strategy?

The Forum aims to assist in problem-solving by providing knowledge that may be KEY to the business problem encountered by the Student.

The Desired Outcome?

To make a significant contribution to problem-solving issues facing the Student.

Student Feedback?

Students will be requested to rate the support of the Forum on a scale of 1- 10.

How to Apply?

The House of Louis website contains a Business Institute icon which Students can enter and apply, enabling them to:

  • Make an online request from the website for a Password.
  • Complete and submit Applications online.
  • Further correspondence from the Facilitator will then continue electronically via e-mail.

Strict Confidentiality

Strict rules of confidentiality will adhere to all applications. The identity of the Student will be confidential to all, other than the appointed Facilitator and another House of Louis team member.

The Facilitator will be contract bound to House of Louis to protect the Student’s identity.

Names, places and events will also be hidden to protect disclosure of sensitive information.

The Forum wishes to encourage openness and truthfulness, only then does it stand the best chance to truly solve problems.

Rules of Engagement

  1. The Forum is open to Business Academy students and Alumni only.
  2. The Forum has the sole discretion to deny an application from a Student.
  3. The Forum will only address problems or challenges facing the student in person, not those of third parties or family members.
  4. Students will make contact with the Facilitator through the website, after obtaining a unique Password.
  5. Students will be required to complete an initial online application providing information relevant to the problem.
  6. The Forum will only cater for ONE problem of the student (and the student is advised to select wisely) and multiple applications cannot be made in order to provide opportunities to all Business Academy students.
  7. A student may re-apply with another problem or challenge after the expiry of 6 months of the closing of his/her first application.
  8. The Forum does not guarantee success or that perfect solutions or recommendations will be provided, although the Forum will tap into the extensive intelligence and experience of the Louis Family's 100 year history and those of its global partners.
  9. The Forum aims to provide KNOWLEDGE ONLY and will therefore not make financial contributions to the problems of students, but it will preserve funds to maintain the confidentiality and security of the intelligence created for the benefit of its users.
  10. The Forum purposefully safeguards the identity of the Student and the objectivity of the process by providing a Facilitator.
  11. The Forum will decide, in its sole discretion, when it believes the problem has been sufficiently addressed and draw a close to the case.