House of Louis® aims to provide great value and better than expected returns to its clients. In keeping with this, our travel division offers excellent discounts and rewards for a full range of on-line global travel services.

WORLD TRAVEL COMPANY - Best Global Hotel Rates Guaranteed


World Travel Company specialises in internet-based travel, providing access to more than 140,000 Hotels in 1,500 destinations globally. It guarantees the best rates available on the internet at the time of booking, removing the anxiety of deciding which hotel booking engine to choose. The website includes a useful Tripadvisor® review for most hotels.

Apart from giving clients the Best Global Hotel Rate, World Travel Company also offers highly attractive incentives as a result of its link to World Voucher, which reward clients with between 3.4% - 6.7% of the cost of the hotel booking. World Vouchers are to be redeemable at any Mastercard® retail terminal worldwide.

WORLD VOUCHER - Delivering Discounts on Discounts

World Voucher is the first high-end reward programme of its kind, benefitting clients who use the World Travel Company booking engine with attractive dividends which amount to between 3.4% - 6.7% of the cost of their hotel booking. Given that most global reward/loyalty programmes offer 1% or less of the value purchased, World Voucher is in a league of its own. Unlike other loyalty programmes (which are only redeemable at specific retail outlets) World Voucher is global and to be secured by Mastercard® so these Vouchers would be used at any Mastercard® retail terminal worldwide.

After many years of planning, the World Voucher program was launched in October 2013. Clients can start earning and spending their dividends immediately from the date of settlement of their Hotel booking.