HS&V Hospitality Management is the division of the House of Louis® that specializes in optimising a hotel’s performance. As a hotel operator, we have the capacity to maximize profitability and return on investment for independent hotels, thus increasing their value. With our values based management philosophy as a guide, we provide a wide variety of hotel management services.


Our service offering assures investors valuable assistance with the managing and operating of their hotels and for many investors this offering represents a simple and effective way to maximise their revenues and to capitalise on their investment.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise provides the framework for the comprehensive range of services we provide:

  • We help develop realistic goals for each property and encourage their implementation. We begin by getting to know the property, staff and market, by conducting property visits to help the hotel's management team carry out the business plan.
  • We provide detailed marketing plans, budgets and capital improvements when appropriate. Periodic reports keep corporate staff apprised of progress and areas needing attention.
  • We ensure that the physical maintenance and capital expenditures to improve the property are completed. We can oversee redecorating and refurbishing to enhance market appeal and operating efficiencies.
  • We motivate employees with human resource procedures that create a sense of belonging.
  • We negotiate volume purchasing agreements to help maintain consistency and cost controls.
  • We offer our clients management contracts with reasonable base management fees, a mutually agreeable incentive management fee, term lengths and customized cancellation clauses.
  • We provide an extensive range of sales activities, marketing programmes and strategic partnerships that are designed to create demand across the broadest range of market segments.
  • We have high level internet marketing experience which can be tailored to maximize the effectiveness of each property's unique attractions and offerings.
  • Our team strives to maximize the interest and productivity levels of each property's staff to increase profitability.


The goal of asset management is to advise a client on the market, operations and financial management of a hotel to help maintain or improve its value. The client might be the owner of the property, a lender or other interested party. We work for the client by seeking opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving the market position and physical attributes of a hotel or resort and monitoring the on-site property manager (individual or Management Company) on a regular basis for operating performance and maintenance of this valuable asset.


Everything we do is aimed at driving revenue to our hotels and we offer an array of marketing services including co-operative advertising programs, presence at trade shows and road shows. Hotels can also opt for a suite of customised solutions that range from rate shopping tools to market intelligence reports, newsletters, web design and targeted email campaigns. Our marketing services also include:

  • Developing a Market Plan
  • Targeted Marketing Services
  • Brand, PR and Publications
  • Loyalty Program

We also offer unparalleled sales support, through our partnership with the Preferred Hotel Group, of nearly 55 dedicated sales professionals located in 31 offices around the world. Strong relationships in all market segments – leisure, corporate, and group – create substantial opportunities for member hotels. For example, the group sales team generates an average of 2,000 leads every month and the corporate sales team manages over 300 major negotiated corporate accounts worldwide. Weekly sales reports are generated and the team is effectively co-ordinated through a central office as well a trained marketing co-ordinator at each hotel. We work closely with the best leisure agents in every region and organizations like Virtuoso®, Signature Travel Network, Ensemble Travel®, and American Express® Fine Hotels & Resorts.